Papa's Cheeseria

Get ready to become the master of sandwiches when you replay a classic Flash game on! Step into one of Papa's famous restaurants thanks to the power of emulation and the Ruffle emulator and enjoy your stay on In Papa's Cheeseria you are challenged with a mouthwatering menu, so let's see if you can satisfy even the pickiest customers. Choose from an amazing array of breads, toppings and, if the title of the game is any hint, plenty of cheeses, then cook those grilled cheeses perfectly at the grill station before serving them up in style. And don't forget about fries for all that extra crunchy goodness. Each new day will unlock delicious recipes as you manage your sandwich shop all way to success.

Each order has its own unique set of challenges, and while the basics stay the same, you have to invest the same amount of care into each order, if you want your customers to leave your place satisfied. And, the more satisfied they are, the better the tips you get will be. You can use this extra money in various ways, but knowing that your customers left satisfied is also a valuable reward. Of course, the money is vital and will help you grow your business and thrive. And don't forget to play a round in Foodini's daily Mini Game Show at the end of each day, for some extra fun. After all, a bit of relaxation after a hard day's work is very important for your general wellbeing. There are lots of days of work ahead of you in Papa's Cheeseria, but luckily they are fun and each one brings you new customers and new challenges.

Master the art of making sandwiches when you play Papa's Cheeseria on and have fun.

How to play

Use the mouse to navigate through all the cooking stations from the game and press the left mouse button to interact with the game elements.

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  • Use your mouse to play this game.

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  • Web browser (desktop and mobile).

This game can be played only on PC