Cooking Fast

Welcome to the sizzling world of Cooking Fast! Get ready to become the ultimate hot dog chef on, serving up mouthwatering creations to hungry customers at your very own food van. In this exciting cooking game, customers will flock to your van, eagerly waiting for their tasty hot dogs. But here's the challenge: you have to make sure your stove is busy grilling the perfect sausages while also keeping an eye on each customer's order. It's a juggling act of deliciousness!

Fire up your stove, and let the tantalizing aromas fill the air. The sizzle of sausages on the grill is music to your ears. Pay close attention to your customers' requests and assemble their dream hot dogs with precision and speed. And after your business grows, make sure you invest in all sorts of upgrades that Cooking Fast provides. These can really speed up your cooking, as well as ensure that your hot dogs are always ready on time and as delicious as they can be!

Customers will eagerly approach your van, their mouths watering in anticipation. You must keep a watchful eye on the stove, making sure the sausages are perfectly cooked before placing them in the soft, fluffy buns. Don't forget to add a delightful variety of toppings, from tangy ketchup and mustard to crispy onions and creamy mayo. Each customer's order is unique, so pay attention and create their dream hot dog! But remember, time is of the essence! Every second counts in Cooking Fast. Your customers are hungry, and they won't wait forever. Be quick and efficient in assembling and serving the hot dogs, ensuring that each customer receives their piping hot creation right on time. The more satisfied customers you have, the higher your reputation will soar, and the more hot dog connoisseurs will flock to your food truck! Ensure that each customer is served promptly, and watch their faces light up with delight as they take that first mouthwatering bite.

So, put on your apron, grab your tongs, and get ready to create hot dog masterpieces that will make your customers' taste buds dance with joy. With your culinary skills and a dash of creativity, you'll become the reigning hot dog chef in town when you play Cooking Fast on!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to interact with the stove and other kitchen utensils and game elements. If you are playing from a mobile device, tap on these elements instead.

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  • Use your mouse to play this game.

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  • Web browser (desktop and mobile).

This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices